The 2013 Academy Awards

This year’s Academy Awards show while not the best awards show they’ve produced. However, for first time in a long while I found myself paying attention this year. I think it’s because of the many great films and performances we had this year. Which resulted in a very talked about awards show season. Between Oscar […]

“Boy Meets World” meet “Girl Meets World”

Growing up I would have never admitted to being a fan of a lot of shows including “Boy Meets World” but I was. Not sure why I wouldn’t admit it probably because when I was in school you were put into groups much like everyone else you know the Jocks, Nerds, Preps, etc etc. So […]

Setting up the LiveU System inside Rackspace HQ in Texas

With an amazing stylish metal slide from the second floor of this converted mall in San Antonio, Texas lies the Headquarters of Rackspace Hosting. This place has a very Cheerio feel about it lots of bright colors and fun names for locations. Setting up the Stream We are currently setting up two desktops a pro […]

SXSW in Austin, TX

So, I’m in Austin! sitting near an outlet charging up my devices as people walk by in a rush to get to somewhere else. The quick pace of everyone is accelerated by moving stairs and floors. There is no time to waste when you are focused on getting to a destination. However, for the next […]

Free Background Template for YouTube’s New Channel Design.

Ok, so today YouTube launched the new version of it’s self. The new design has it fall in line with the overall Google Design Trend that has been going on for the last few months. I like the new YouTube Look! With the new look comes a bit of “I don’t like change!” most importantly […]

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design has currently 3-4 device sizes Phone, Tablet, and Desktop. Sometimes add Netbooks in-between Tablet and Desktops. I’m going to increase this number just a bit to 6 sizes: Phone Portrait & Landscape, Facebook Fan Page, Netbook, and Desktop & Large Desktop. I’m looking forward to implementing my idea on a number of […]

Happy Birthday Erik!

So today is Mr. Erik Rose’s Birthday! I figure I would make a more light hearted fun post today on November 20th, 2011. Now Erik’s age is a much guarded secret much like most girls his age they always take off years after they pass the big Three Zero. I kid, I kid. Here is […]

SOPA: Breaks The Internet

First let me say this: I believe in copyrights and trademarks! However, this is to far… I think the people who are making this law need to learn how to log on to the internet before writing a law on how to use it. They have no idea how the internet works or even how […]

Setting up Gmail for your Domain for Free.

Gmail is great! I love it, I use it everyday, It is usually the first tab open in my browser. I build out a lot of Domains for clients as well as myself. This one being my latest personal endeavor. I got it so my family could have a decent looking email address that […]

My Site’s Manifesto

What is a Site manifesto? Well, this is my “Hello World”, my first post, my first article, my first public declaration of principles and intentions for my site. I will write, voice, and record my opinions across many subjects I find intriguing or annoying or down right entertaining enough to warrant a response. Every response […]