“Boy Meets World” meet “Girl Meets World”

Growing up I would have never admitted to being a fan of a lot of shows including “Boy Meets World” but I was. Not sure why I wouldn’t admit it probably because when I was in school you were put into groups much like everyone else you know the Jocks, Nerds, Preps, etc etc. So even if you were in one of the groups but really wanted to be in another or on the out skirts of one so you could at least talk with the girl you liked with out getting picked on by others. You had to watch what music and shows you let others know you liked.

Now that I’m 31, and I really don’t care about any of those groups because once leaving school and falling into the rat race of life non of that matters. So yes I was a fan of “Boy Meets World” and I will most likely watch “Girl Meets World” on HULU.

Why? Well I always like the dynamic between Corey(Ben) & Danielle(Tapanga) that being said I didn’t really care for the college years leading up to them getting married mostly because Corey became more cartoony if that is even a word. He was just silly and I didn’t understand why it was kinda like ever since graduation he lost all his brain cells and became dum ass most of the time. Where Tapanga went from being the weird one to the cool one. So they pretty much made him comic relief in most of the episodes.

I’m curious to see how this new show plays out. I hope they put the seriousness back into Corey since he is now the man of the house and not keep up the stick of him being a goofball.

Good Luck “Girl Meets World” I’m looking forward to the entertainment =)