Free Background Template for YouTube’s New Channel Design.

Ok, so today YouTube launched the new version of it’s self. The new design has it fall in line with the overall Google Design Trend that has been going on for the last few months. I like the new YouTube Look! With the new look comes a bit of “I don’t like change!” most importantly for the YouTube Partners that now have to redesign their background graphics and I’m guessing in coming weeks their header graphics if YouTube ever gives them that feature back.

My show is coming in 2012

I’m going to be launching a show in 2012 its top secret but it will be located here. Right now it just has some random videos of mine over the years. But will have show worth subscribing to early next year.

Free YouTube Background Template

As I lay the ground work for my show I figured I’d start with the background for the channel. So I created this basic template with the exact measurements of the new YouTube Channel layout to help me create a background for it.

Download Here