My Site’s Manifesto

What is a Site manifesto? Well, this is my “Hello World”, my first post, my first article, my first public declaration of principles and intentions for my site. I will write, voice, and record my opinions across many subjects I find intriguing or annoying or down right entertaining enough to warrant a response. Every response will be one of the three forms or all three kinds of media production: written, audio, and video.

The written word has changed in today’s texting generation.

I never was part of this texting generation. I was always ahead of the curve with getting phones with full size keyboards on them. I love puzzles, but I do not like to have to solve them when I’m trying to get directions to the restaurant for dinner. I’m not a talented writer or even a decent one. I got a D in english class, but I promise to work on my writing as I proceed with this site/blog/journal/vlog/podcast thingy.

The power a voice can have on the outcome of decisions.

The spoken word can have a significant impact on decisions of the people that hear it. The right voice saying the right thing can inspire, hinder, change, and empower the most un inspirable of people. Millions of dollars spent, each year teaching the world leaders how to talk. I do not have millions of dollars, and my vocabulary is not the best. However, I will not filter my opinions as I say them. It is your choice to hear them.