Setting up Gmail for your Domain for Free.

Gmail is great! I love it, I use it everyday, It is usually the first tab open in my browser. I build out a lot of Domains for clients as well as myself. This one being my latest personal endeavor. I got it so my family could have a decent looking email address that isn’t something they made when they were 13 and with the username they created at that age.

I also wanted to have a shorter email address & a domain that looked almost the same. Before I used the email and as my main domain. I liked this a lot! However the email address became kinda redundant having to say my first name twice or type it out twice. Which leads me to my current choice and now the only thing that changes is the @ symbol and the period. Which makes them pretty much identical which is great in my opinion. I got this idea from Chris Pirillo which is kinda funny now that I look at his site again. Mine kinda looks like his a bit. Hmm… I’m going to have to change that…

Gmail and your own Domain

I first set up an email server through my web host to deliver email to me and my family however. Trying to get them all on board to start using an email client and not a web base client other than what they are used to which is either gmail, yahoo or hotmail. I decided to make it easier on them and set up the email with Google Apps (Free Version). Which is amazing because it’s free.

Getting started with Google Apps for free

  1. Go to this url Google Apps (Free)
  2. Now once on this page Google tries to get you to choose the business account which is $5 a month PER USER.
  3. Don’t be fooled if it’s just for you and a few friends (less than ten). Save your money and click the big blue Get Started button.
  4. Enter in your Domain Name you want to use. I used
  5. Follow the instructions given by Google.

You will have to change the MX records for your Domain and point them to Google’s Servers.

Once you’ve done that and Google verifies that everything is working correctly and you follow the rest of the setup tutorial / instructions. You will then be able to login to your email by going directly to and entering your email address as the username. So in my case and then your password which mine is iMn0tr3allyT311ing and login into your new Domain Named Gmail Account.