SOPA: Breaks The Internet

First let me say this: I believe in copyrights and trademarks! However, this is to far… I think the people who are making this law need to learn how to log on to the internet before writing a law on how to use it. They have no idea how the internet works or even how this law would be enforceable. Here is a video you should watch and bellow that are a bunch of links to more information. This is the most important thing to ever happen to the internet and free speech in America.

PROTECT IP Act will give the power to shut down any website to the Entertainment Industry!

If this bill pass it will be able to shut down sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & also search engines like Aol, Yahoo, Bing, & Google. Now they have deep pockets for lawyers. But what about the little startups just trying to get going. Oh and you remember that video of you singing on karaoke night, the one you posted to YouTube. Well get ready to go directly to jail for 5 years if this bill gets passed.

Links for you to learn more about this issue/bill

Yes the issue is the bill.