The 2013 Academy Awards

This year’s Academy Awards show while not the best awards show they’ve produced. However, for first time in a long while I found myself paying attention this year. I think it’s because of the many great films and performances we had this year. Which resulted in a very talked about awards show season. Between Oscar snubs and special effects protests. There were some of the most endearing honest reactions from award recipients which made the 2013 Academy Awards an entertaining experience for me.

The two acceptance speeches that I was looking forward to the most happened however not with out a hitch or should I say a stumble.

Jennifer Lawrence & Anne Hathaway

Jennifer stumbled on some steps as she went to greet her Oscar and Anne’s last minute dress change had everyone talking. Which she as since apologized for the switch-a-roo. But those things don’t entertain me as much as genuine surprise or happiness. You could see in on their faces miles away. That’s why I enjoyed this years Academy Awards.

Ben Affleck’s Argo

Best Picture of 2013 announced by The First Lady of The United States of America. Seems fitting since this stories Top Secret clearance was lifted just a short while ago. I’m looking forward to seeing this movie very soon along with the rest of the Oscar winning movies this weekend.

But I’ll leave you with the backstage Q&A videos from Jennifer, Anne, Ben, George and Grant. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Backstage Q&A

Anne Hathaway’s Backstage Q&A

Affleck, Clooney & Heslov’s Backstage Q&A